Friday, 11 October 2013

This week I love...

...the weekend. Ha hah! It's been such a loooong week that I'm really happy that it's finally the weekend. I'm helping to open a new store this week and we're doing long days to get everything done in time. So, I'm excited to have some rest... except that tomorrow I'm going to the summer cottage to help out. So much for the rest then, I guess. But tomorrow won't be all about work. I'll also get to see my aunt and hopefully visit a couple of flea markets. Yay! More about that later... Let's move on to this week's favourites now.

1. I ♥ House Doctor
I am in love with these House Doctor goodies. Firstly, the copper looks gorgeous with the pale pink. Need to remember that one... Secondly, the grey wall accents the kitchen table and bronze chairs beautifully. And how about that wooden desk and those boxes. I particularly love the ones with the writing on them. WANT! NEED! MUST HAVE!

2. I ♥ Chanel
OMG! I don't know if this is available anywhere or if it's vintage (or maybe even fake?) but it is amazing and I would loooove to have one. Leather is really popular right now, both in fashion and in interiors. I actually have a faux leather cushion cover already and I really like it. Is this something that you would like in your home?

3. I ♥ this kitchen
Oh, Alvhem, you've done it again... This week I'm not going to show you my favourite apartment, but my favourite kitchen. This one is simply stunning!!! The tiling on the wall, the lights, the fridge and also the table and chairs - all incredible! Pictures of the rest of the house can be found here.

4. I ♥ scarves
Autumn is definitely here and I can finally get out my extensive collection of scarves. However, I've noticed that something is missing from my collection - a check scarf. And of course, when you don't have something, you see it everywhere. This applies to everything from babies to scarves. Ha hah! Here are a couple of pictures from Pinterest so you can start wanting one too!!

5. I ♥ this lamp
This Design House Stockholm lamp is just too gorgeous!! I know, it's quite small but I think it would look fab on a little table or on a window sill. I think a little display could be built around it quite easily, don't you think?! It's available in white, black, gold and silver. Which one is your favourite? When you decide, you can buy it for example at Finnish Design Shop.

Weekend time... Enjoy it!

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