Friday, 25 October 2013

This week I love...

...clothes, make-up, jewellery and all things girly. Today was payday so I did a bit of shopping. I bought a mustard jumper, a fake leather skirt, a necklace, blusher and some mascara. And on my way home I bought InStyle's special Beauty issue. Yay! This week I can't wait to get down to business as the favourites are quite amazing so let's have a look straight away...

1. I ♥ Bloomingville
We are fast approaching the most important holiday of the winter season which I shall not mention by name quite yet. However, I couldn't resist these pictures from Bloomingville and wanted to share them to get you in the mood for the upcoming event... For more of their amazing products, you can flick through the stunning catalogue here. All pictures from Bloomingville.

2. I ♥ this apartment
I just love this apartment. I know I say it every week but the stylists just really know their business in Sweden. Take this light filled apartment for example. The 50s vibe in the living room looks contemporary and cool, the bedroom is relaxing and inviting and I especially love the gorgeous kitchen. I mean, check out the blue pantry door. *sigh* After our trip to Sweden last summer S wanted to move there and if I could live here, that would be no problem at all. Ha hah! Enjoy. Click here to see the rest of the pictures and info.

3. I ♥ necklace over collar
I am obsessed with this style!! I am a big jewellery lover and I have quite an extensive collection so anything involving jewellery is fabulous in my book. And I also like this because it suits everyone! Yay! To get the look, choose a shirt - denim, white, anything you want, button it all the way up and then just pick your favourite statement necklace and put that on top. LOVE IT!!! So simple and so effective. I picked this picture from Pinterest to show you how awesome it looks. Obviously, she's an even bigger jewellery lover than me and has two necklaces on at the same time but it looks just as good with just one.

4. I ♥ Halloween
Are you having a Halloween party?! I'm not but if I was I would need some help in the decorating department. Trust Nina from Stylizimo blog to show you a magnificent way to set the table for this horror holiday. I love how classy and beautiful this is. Not an orange pumpkin in sight but you totally get the feeling.

Picture from Stylizimo blog

Pictures from Stylizimo blog
5. I ♥ Jessica Alba
I know, she's been on the list before but I had to put her here again. The pictures will reveal why... Love that pure white outfit and the contrasting dark lip. The lips are sooo on trend at the moment. Have you tried this trend yet?! I haven't but I really want to. I should've bought some lipsticks today. Well, I can do that on Monday. :)

This one was the last of this week's favourites, so I'm off to the summer cottage to get it ready for the winter and I hope that you'll have a fab weekend!! Enjoy!!

Picture from TV&Showbiz Mail Online

TV&Showbiz Mail Online

TV&Showbiz Mail Online

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