Friday, 22 March 2013

This week I love...

... my own home! I've finally regained the love I had (almost) lost for my own home. I just didn't feel inspired anymore but this morning I woke up and after hours of changing the order, cleaning, organising and decorating, the house now looks amazing. Especially the living room. So, this week my five favourites will be all from my own home.

Let's have a look around...

1. I ♥ my new living room
Well, it's not really new, I just changed the dining table and sofa back to their previous places. I changed them last autumn because it was getting darker and darker outside and the dark sofa in the corner of the room just emphasised that. So, I put it under the window to balance the light. It worked fine but now as the sun is starting to shine into the house again I wanted to change them back. If you're interested, this is how it looked before.

2. I ♥ posters
One of my favourite things about Pinterest is finding new posters. I especially like the ones with some kind of text - poem, slogan, just words. So, I just print them out and put them in frames. At the moment I love these three.

3. I ♥ my desk
This desk used to be in my granddad's real estate office. My mum had the fab idea of putting glass on top of it and I change the pictures whenever I need new inspiration.

4. I ♥ books
I've managed to gather up quite a collection of interior, style, beauty and cook books, both in English and in Finnish. I've bought most of them over the Internet, either from Amazon or Book Depository. In Finland, I'm part of Tyyli & Koti book club. It's really good - this months book for example is the new 12 x KOTI. My favourite book is stylist Rachel Zoe's Style A to Zoe and on my wishlist is Lauren Conrad's BEAUTY book. Have you got a book that you're thinking of buying?

5. I ♥ jewellery
Don't you just hate it when your necklaces are all tangled up? I've solved the problem by hanging them up like this. They're easy to take when you want to wear them and look decorative too.

That's all this week. My five favourite things about my home. Hope you liked it. Enjoy your weekend!!!

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