Friday, 17 May 2013

This week I love...

...the sunshine!!! It's bright, warm and just lovely outside. Looooooove!! There's another thing that I have been enjoying this week - the birds and their late night concerts. I always go to bed earlier than my other half and I like to open the window and listen to the birds sing outside the window. It's so relaxing. Much better than any machine that makes the sound of waves. Ha hah!

This week's finds include plants, bathrooms and a new girl crush. Have a look...

1. I ♥ green
Everywhere looks so green - the trees, the grass. I want that green feeling to continue inside and this picture is exactly what I'm looking for. I already have that kind of higher flower tower and I'd love a flower bench. Oh, and I guess I need to buy some plants as well. Plantagen, here I come...

Picture and all products from Ikea
2. I ♥ this bathroom
I came across this beauty in Pinterest (where else?). All I can say is WOW! This bathroom is simply gorgeous. I hope that one day I can have something like this. The bowls are amazing, though probably not very practical and I love the open shelving for those perfectly folded towels. *sigh* A girl can dream...

3. I ♥ Gabriella Wilde
My new style crush is the gorgeous British actress and model Gabriella Wilde. She is so incredibly beautiful!! Perfect blonde hair and that doll like face. Just stunning, don't you think?!

4. I ♥ big glass bottles
And I soooo want one! I saw one at a flea market recently and as I went to have a look at it someone else was already paying for it - one of the visuals from my team. Damn it! Us visuals and our beady eye for all things beautiful. Great find, M! So, now she has one and I'm still looking... These bottles below are just perfect. I need to keep my eyes open on all the flea markets and fairs this summer.

Picture from Pinterest
5. I ♥ Granit
If you read blogs as much as I do, I'm sure you've heard by now that the Swedish super store (or at least I like to think of it as a super store) Granit is finally opening a store in Finland. On 30th May the doors will open in Helsinki and I'll be standing at the front of the queue. I picked some of my favourites for a little collage below (see I finally managed to make one!). For more products, click here.

And as this was the last item on the list all that's left is for me to wish you a very happy weekend!!! I'll be going down to the summer cottage so you can expect lots of pictures of the flowers, the cottage and everything else. So, see you soon! 

Pictures from Granit's website

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