Friday, 31 May 2013

This week I love...

... flowers! And not shop bought flowers but fresh flowers from the nature!!! Ever since I was little we've always picked flowers and enjoyed them at home and at the summer cottage. I can name pretty much all of the common flowers and I think some of them are even more prettier than the ones you can buy at a flower shop. Or what do you think? At number one...

1. I ♥ Lupins
Summer is the most amazing time as the nature is full of stunning flowers. Lily of the walley, forget-me-not, lilac, lupin and many others are all in full bloom at the moment. I have lilacs and lupins in the house at the moment and the lilac makes the whole house smell amazing and the lupins just look amazing. Go out and get some, now!

2. I ♥ this apartment
This one is differently styled than the others I've shown you in the past. It's very DIY inspired and has some really cool details - the ladders, the gorgeous dining table and what do you think of the log stool/side table? The kitchen wasn't really that special so there's only one snap of it but the bathroom more than makes up for it. Very inspiring!!! This apartment, all the pictures and other info can be found here.

3. I ♥ this wallpaper
I'm crazy about wallpaper at the moment. I haven't even got anything to wallpaper but I keep seeing such amazing wallpapers that I just have to collect pictures and try to remember them when that time comes. This gorgeous wallpaper with old doors by Onszelf is just too cute. I'm not quite sure what room it would go for but maybe it would be cool in a hallway or something. You can find it and many others here.

Wallpaper OZ 3109

4. I ♥ fashion
Here's some fashion inspiration for all of you looking to add some lovely pieces into your summer wardrobe. I particularly love that fuchsia skirt, in the very trendy midi length, the monogramme necklace is gorgeous and who can resist the Ray-Bans. What are your favourite pieces?

5. I ♥ Granit
No, I haven't been yet but I'm going tomorrow and I'm so excited I'm about to burst. I can't wait to see all the displays, I'm a very visual shopper. Professional hazard. Ha hah! And I really hope to find some gorgeous pieces for the house. I guess that shouldn't be too hard in a shop like that. Will I see any of you there?!

Have a great and hopefully sunny weekend!!! 

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