Friday, 7 June 2013

This week I love...

...the sun!!! It has been an incredible week - hot and sunny. More of this, please. It's also been an important week as S turned 30 this week. We're having a party on Sunday at the sauna by the lake. I've just been to the shop and bought tons of food and drink. Our friends (well, I guess they're mostly my friends at this point) are coming and there'll be barbeque, swimming, sauna and all that food. Now, I just really hope that the weather will be nice.

Let's get onto this week's favourites then.

1. I ♥ this beach house
Yes, we live by a lake but how incredible would it be to live in this house by the sea. The view from the bathroom window is just stunning and how gorgeous is that pool area?! WOW! When can I move in?? The architect of this beauty is Eduardo Villa and it was shot for Real Living Australia by Sharyn Cairns. I saw these pictures in the beautiful Oui. Oui blog. Do you like it too?

2. I ♥ Kim's style
Kim Kardashian has one of the most talked about pregnancy styles. Some love it, some hate it. I love it! At least most of the time... Her latest outfit featured a white blouse and these gorgeous Dannijo necklaces. I love this look - necklace worn on top of the shirt. It's such an easy way to change your outfit too. Just by choosing a different necklace you can be cool, classy, hip or romantic.

3. I ♥ Daniela Witte's living room
Photos of the Swedish photographer and stylist Daniela Witte's home have done their rounds in many blogs and in the social media and it's no wonder. I particularly love this living room. What's so great about it? The first thing that strikes you is the light. As a big fan of branches I also love the trunks in the corner. The colours are beautiful too - the dominating white matched with small parts of black, beige, grey and that beautiful moss green throw on the sofa make the room just perfect. Don't you think so?!

4. I ♥ old glass jars
I collect old glass jars by Riihimäki. I've used them for so many different things. For example at Christmas they had Christmas tress in them and now I've decorated them with butterflies. They instantly bring the summer inside. I got them from work and they were yellow. Not to worry, I took out my white paint and painted on a thick layer of white. And now they're perfect.

5. I ♥ black houses
Here are two houses, both painted in black, one in the city and one in the country. And they are absolutely gorgeous!!! Now I really wish that we'd painted the guest cabin at our summer cottage black. It's brown so it matches the big cottage but after I saw these pictures I wish I could still change that. I can't so I guess I should stop dreaming about it. But how can I, when these are so amazing? Which one is your favourite?

Have a fabulous weekend!!!

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