Friday, 21 June 2013

This week I love...

... Juhannus!! That means midsummer. It's the time when all Finnish people desert the cities and make their way to their summer cottages, boats and anywhere that's close to the nature. That's where I am too, at our summer cottage! And to go with the theme, all of this week's favourites will be midsummer related. Let's have a look around...

1. I ♥ summer cottage
As I've said, so many times before, I don't have a balcony or a terrace but at the summer cottage, our little cottage has a small terrace and I've thoroughly enjoyed decorating it. I've used a couple of old chairs we had and added some pink accessories, flowers and some candle light. This is what it looks like at the moment...

An extensive renovation is almost finished in the main cottage and it looks absolutely stunning! Unfortunately, I don't have a before picture but believe me, it's a whole lot different! Here are some pictures from the new and improved summer cottage.



2. I ♥ flowers
At midsummer night, according to an old folk tale, if you pick seven different flowers and sleep with them under your pillow, you will see your future husband in your dream. I definitely have enough flowers but seeing as I've already found my future husband I don't have to do the spell anymore. The rose is called Juhannusruusu = midsummer rose and the peonies and hydrangeas are from my aunt who's spending midsummer with us here. How gorgeous are they?!

3. I ♥ sauna
Sauna is very much part of Juhannus. And summer in general. Okay, life in general. For midsummer we decorated the sauna with branches of birch and the little sauna lady has been there since I was little. In fact, I need to go in for round 13 soon.

4. I ♥ my new wreath
My aunt never comes empty handed and this time she brought this amazing wreath made of pieces of wood. It's simply beautiful!!! And it came with a matching decorative string with the same pieces, some stones and sea stars. I might have to transfer them inside the cottage as they're almost too beautiful to be kept outside.

5. I ♥ summer activities
Rowing the boat, fishing, playing mölkky... This is what we do while we enjoy the time at the summer cottage. I've already got worms ready for the fishing and the boat has been washed. And of course, we eat well and drink... a lot!

Hyvää Juhannusta!!! God midsommar!!! Happy midsummer!!! 

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