Friday, 28 June 2013

This week I love...

...being on holiday, of course. I love sleeping in (except this morning when I had to wake up at 8 to do laundry), walking in the sun, shopping, having time to make jewellery and just being able to spend time with S. Simply blissful! Exactly what holidays should be like, right?!

On Monday we're heading over to the summer cottage. My mum and dad left today and I gave some decoration material for them to take there so I can personalise our cottage a bit. The colour scheme will be blue and the vibe will be romantic, a bit beachy and really relaxed. I also made a sign for the cottage which'll be my number one favourite this week...

1. I ♥ my new sign
I got a sign last year that spent the whole summer under the sun and was beaten by rain so it completely faded. I was left with a blank sign that I thought would be perfect for a little sign for our little cottage. The name comes from the dude who the cottage was ordered from, Pikkmets. It means little forest, I guess. My Estonian isn't very good (that means non-existent) but the word is so similar to Finnish that I guessed that it might be little forest. And because the cottage is little I thought it was quite cute as well as really funny.

It was really easy to make with the alphabet stencil and a permanent marker. I just added some lace tape at the end to make it more girly. And voila! Ready to be hung up on the wall. 

2. I ♥ rope necklaces
Last week I was obsessed with neon coloured necklaces and this week it's rope necklaces. Maybe I could combine both... Ha hah! At least this gorgeous style that I found would work for both categories. You'll find the instructions here. Seems like my first stop next week is the hardware store as this one I definitely need to try and make.

Picture from HonestlyWTF
3. I ♥ Dofta
This Dofta set from Ikea is a box full of stones, sticks etc. and it smells really fresh. I guess it's like poutpourri except more stylish. I combined it with some shells and sea stars that I had and I think they look great together. Lovely and very inexpensive.

4. I ♥ Suvi sur le vif
I have found an absolutely amazing blog! It's not particularly new but it is new to me. Suvi sur le vif has the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen! No offense to my other favourite blogs. :) She blogs mainly about food, flowers and interiors. And I could look at those pictures forever. I definitely recommend taking a look.

Kuva Suvi sur le vif blogi
5. I ♥ denim sheets
I used to have denim sheets when I was a teenager but after seeing this picture on Pinterest I'd love to get some again. They had them in Hemtex at one point but I haven't seen them recently. They just look so summery! At least in this picture. Anyone know where I could get some?!


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