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Friday, you have arrived! And brought with you rain, rain and more rain. Well, the weather certainly isn't much to talk about but don't worry, the weekend is here and despite the rain, there's plenty you can do to keep yourself entertained. You can sleep late, have a proper breakfast, enjoy the new magazine you bought, go shopping, do something nice around the house or whatever you want! It's the weekend!!

I'll be going to the summer cottage to pack up the rest of the cottage and get it ready for winter. And on Sunday, I'm going to spend all day taking care of my home - cleaning, organising, decorating, maybe even some painting. It looks nothing like all those beautiful homes I see in other blogs. Laundry is drying everywhere, there's a pile of clothes on the chair right next to where I'm sitting now and it stinks of cabbage (thank you neighbours).

As I'm sure you'll notice, all of this week's favourites have a common theme - shabby chic. When I moved back just over a year ago my home was all shabby chic. Now it's a combination of shabby and industrial. I guess I miss the old white and bright look sometimes. This week's finds have done that to me, I think. Well, shall we have a look at what I've found then...

1. I'll kick it off with this stunning Swedish home. I'm not saving the best for last but starting with it. An apartment in Linnéstaden with the most beautiful white decor. I'd happily go back to all shabby interior if it meant that I could live here. I mean, look at the kitchen. It's so incredible - the floors, the old stove... just everything about it!

I love the photos that Alvhem Mäkleri take of their houses for sale. I'm sure the houses are all beautiful but the so are the pictures! They really make them shine. Wonder if they could come to my house too. :) LOTS of pictures coming up... All from Alvhem Mäkleri.

2. I think a little shabby inspired DIY would be nice to have next. These clay tags are so cute on presents or as part of your decor. Here's how to get started. You will need:

- Fimo modelling clay - ready to use white clay that's air-hardening so no need for firing
- Cookie cutters or something similar to cut shapes
- Stamps of your own choice
- Ink (if you want more visible results)

The whole process is very similar to making cookies. You have to roll out the Fimo clay with a rolling pin to about 5mm thick. Then use the cookie cutter to cut shapes out of the clay. Finally, use the stamp, either with or without ink, to decorate the tags. Depending on the size of the tag, a hole can be made using a tooth pick, a straw or something similar. Then just leave it to dry overnight and ta-daa. It's ready to use. So easy!

These are really cute and would definitely make Christmas presents look just that little bit more finished. I found these pics on Pinterest and really like the stamp with the writing on. Fortunately, I already have something similar so all I need now is the clay and some time to do this. I'll show you later how they turned out.

3. There are so many amazing courses available in Finland. You can learn languages, learn to cook, learn how to tie a perfect bouquet and so much more. I've been to a few craft courses and have thoroughly enjoyed them. The people all have a common interest so the atmosphere is great and you get so many ideas - from the instructor as well as from the other people who are there.

I went to Sinelli last night and spotted their course guide. The course that instantly caught my eye... Shabby Chic - Interior crafting and Christmas ideas. Sounds perfect, right?! The description of the course promises stamping on linen, romantic details, white pillowcases, French style and lots more.
For more info, click here to check the instructors' blog. I better sign up myself as this sound so interesting (if there's any places left, that is)... See you there?

This is what you can expect from the course... Pictures are from here.
4. And to continue with the Shabby Chic theme, fans of this style will be happy to hear that their favourite interior store, Cobello, is opening a new store in Espoo, Suomenoja, this November/December.

Just in time for all that Christmas shopping... ;)

5. So, where do you find all that amazing old furniture, decorative items etc.? Well, one place to look is antique fairs and as it happens there'll be one in Helsinki this month. You can expect to find antiques (obviously), art, design, retro, vintage, glass, porcelain, jewellery, old textiles and lots more. For more info, click here.


13.10. - 14.10.2012 at Kaapelitehdas (Cable Factory)
Sat and Sun 10-16.00
That's it for this week. Hope you enjoyed the shabby chic theme. I wasn't really planning for it. All the things that I liked just seemed to fall under that style. Hope that you'll have a fab weekend!!! And no more rain, please!


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