Friday, 1 November 2013

This week I love... team! Today was my last day in my current workplace and on Monday I'll start at a different store. The team that I've had the pleasure to work with has been one of the best, if not THE best team I've ever had. I'm just hoping that the team in the new store will be just as nice. Oh, and I also love my new hair!! I went to my mum's last night and she cut and dyed my hair. Yay! It is too dark at the moment but it'll fade, I hope. Ha hah! So, new look and new store. Wish me luck...

And now onto this week's favourites. Let's see what I've got in store for you...

1. I ♥ branches
And they're a big part of decorating around this time of year. I'm sure you know by now that I love them but I need to find a new one as I threw away the ones I had last year. So, off to the woods I go with these pictures as my inspiration. Anyone else obsessed with them too?!

Picture from Pinterest

Picture from Pinterest

Picture from Pinterest
2. I ♥ this kitchen
Oh, this is sooooo my dream kitchen! Yes, the tiling is my favourite. Also notice there's no cupboards on top, just gorgeous open shelving. Aah! So beautiful. And how much do I love that branch where lovely little things are hanging off. The surfaces are also fab - maybe their cement?! I could picture that in a cool kitchen like this. The pictures are from here.

Pictures RoSaLiGa
3. I ♥ DIY
Check out this super cute DIY wall calendar. I found it on Pinterest but it's originally from blog. Print it and put it on your wall. I'm dotty for it. Ha hah!

4. I ♥ red lips
The party season is approaching and the quickest way to get party ready is to add a slick of red onto your lips. Whether you choose matte or shiny make sure your skin is flawless as the red will highlight any imperfections. Line your lips well to prevent the colour from "bleeding" and fill your lips with the pencil first to get a more lasting base for your lipstick. You can put it on with a brush or straight from the tube, you decide. Keep the rest of your face simple and let your red lips take centre stage!

All pictures from Pinterest
I bought a fab red lip pen from H&M. It's like a liner and lipstick all in one and the perfect fire engine red shade too. It's also really moisturising and easy to apply so if you've not tried red before this is a great way to start. Maybe you'll give red a go this weekend?!

5. I ♥ the new Aalto vase
A gorgeous new addition to the Aalto family - the fabulous Copper. I am in love and I would looooove this. I actually don't have any Aalto vases as I haven't ever thought of collecting them but I could start. With this.

And this would actually be really nice for Halloween too... So, Happy Halloween!!!! Enjoy your weekend!

Pictures from Iittala

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