Friday, 22 November 2013

This week I love...

...that it's almost Christmas. I've definitely gotten into the Christmas feeling this week and my Pinterest board is filling up with all things Christmas. I am also starting to put a bit of that feeling into our home and it's definitely helping with all this darkness outside. Have you already found your inner elf or will you wait until it's almost time for Santa to pop over?!

This week's favourites are all about vintage finds and maybe some other kinds of finds too...

1. I ♥ mirrors
I loooooove old mirrors and have quite a nice collection already. However, they're displayed all around the house rather than being grouped together but having come across these pictures in Pinterest I'm starting to think that this is the way they should look. I think this might be an idea that I'll take with me to my next home. These pictures will show you what I'm talking about...

2. I ♥ old windows
Old windows are so versatile! They can be used to build cabinets but I guess they're more traditionally used as decorations. And this headboard is the most beautiful use of old windows I have ever seen!! Now, where can I find that kind of windows?!

Picture from Kara Rosenlund's blog, click
3. I ♥ this flat
This week's favourite has a lot going for it. I love the soft palette of browns, blues and cream. The beautiful details like the light fixtures and big baskets as storage are complemented with bigger features like that gorgeous fireplace. And I loooove that kitchen too. *sigh* I found this on Alvhem. Enjoy!

4. I ♥ pink
There's nothing special about me liking pink but it's not everyday that you see it in Christmas presents. I wish I would get pressies like this. Soooo beautiful. And even though it's not traditional it definitely works for me. That gold feather makes it more festive too. What do you think?! Would you ever wrap your Christmas presents in pink?

Picture from Etsy, click
5. I ♥ this blog
I've found a new blog and I have to share it with you, of course. I've only read a little bit so I can't tell you that much about it but so far it's amazing. And after having seen this picture of the kitchen I knew it was for me. Check it out. Lainahöyhenissä, click.

From Lainahöyhenissä blog


  1. Hiphei, arvaa kuka on googlannut raamittomia vintage-peilejä art deco -hengessä koko päivän? ;D

    1. Ha hah! Osuipa sitten just hyvään väliin tämä I ♥ ... Ne on kyllä niin ihania, juuri tuollaiset vanhat peilit. Löytyikö mitään?!


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