Friday, 29 November 2013

This week I love...

...getting ready for Christmas. I absolutely love listening to Christmas music, making cards, decorating the house and oh, of course eating all the pre-Christmas delicacies. Ha hah! This weekend will be filled with said activities and I can't wait to show you some of my cards. I've chosen something to help you with your Christmas preparations too. Here it is...

1. I ♥ DIY
Oh my, Christmas is almost here and I have so much more to do. Making cards, wrapping presents... Well, safe to say I could use some help. And I've found some help in the form of these beautiful tags. The best part - they're free, you can customize them and then print them out!! You can find them here. Enjoy!!

2. I ♥ this flat
What a beauty! This flat's quite small but perfectly formed. The best feature is definitely the stunning open kitchen-living room combo. That kitchen is just to die for!! Yeah, yeah, I would add some open shelving but other than that it's so stream-lined and cool. And what makes it even better?! The pantry!!! I want one too! It has a lot of angles so it might be difficult to decorate though... Any thoughts on the round wall in the bedroom?? Find the rest of the pictures here.

3. I ♥ watches
But which watch?! It's almost time to write to Santa and I've been looking at these watches as potential gift ideas. :) However, I find it impossible to decide which one of these beauties to choose. I never thought of wanting to own anything Burberry but the watch is rather low key and not so chavvy as the check pattern. The Marc Jacobs is very simple and I actually like that - goes with everything. The Kors watch is stunning but soooo many people have that already. Little help, guys?!

Picture from Pinterest

Picture from Pinterest

Picture from Pinterest
4. I ♥ + + +
I'm crazy about the plus print! I've been raving about it before and shown you everything from clothes to home textiles. This time I found this super cute baby blanket from Pinterest. It's knitted, comes in four pretty shades and can be ordered from Etsy. You can find it here if you want to order. And I have two words for you: worldwide delivery. Sooooooo cute!!

5. I ♥ funny prints
One of the best things about Pinterest is finding funny prints - texts, cartoons etc. I love printing them out and either framing them in the house or using them to make cards. It's so much fun and much cheaper than buying prints from a shop. Also, there's anything and everything available. Here are some of my recent finds... Anyone else doing the same?!

This was the last one so I'm off to enjoy the weekend!! Hope you do too!

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