Friday, 8 November 2013

This week I love...

...challenges! I've changed stores and this has been my first week at my new store. New people, new store, new everything. Well, I did know a couple of people before I went there but it still is a bit daunting going into a new team. Luckily, everyone has been very nice and it's been a good week. I have big plans on how to improve the store and also on how to improve myself so I think I'm going to enjoy it.
During the weekend I'm hoping to start preparing for Christmas by visiting a couple of interior shops - Cafe Latte Spirit in Leppävaara and Wanilla Rose in Hyvinkää. We'll see if I get to do both or will I have to leave the other one for another time. I just need a bit of inspiration and I finally want to buy those Tine K candle holders.

Right, shall we have a look at this week's favourites?!

1. I ♥ House of Rym
Have you heard of this brand before?! HoR makes beautiful cups, plates, pots and more. They all have different patterns on them and come in a variety of colours. Unsurprisingly, my favourite is this black set. The pictures are from an amazing blog - Fräulein Klein. It's in German so I can't understand a thing but I can definitely appreciate the beautiful pictures. Ha hah! Do you want to buy some? Click here to visit Domdom, a fabulous online shop. They've got these and soooo much more...

2. I ♥ this apartment
Oh, I've not found anything special from across the pond in a while but I was lucky and found this gem actually today. The living room is just gorgeous but what I love the most are all the little details. Have a look at the window sills. They're packed with fabulous details. This one can be found on the Stadshem website, here. Do you see anything you like?

3. I ♥ braids
Braids or plaits, however you want to call them, are soooo trendy right now. All styles and techniques can be used from your regular braid to the gorgeous fishtail. Just pick your favourite and get braiding. Here are some inspiration pictures from, you guessed it, Pinterest.

4. I ♥ copper and...! I never realised how well they go together until I saw this picture of a gorgeous white kitchen with touches of copper and green. And OMG, just how amazing is that coppery machine?! I want that for Christmas!!!

5. I ♥ chopping boards
Ha hah! I know this is a bit random but I'm just in love with wooden chopping boards. The more rustic, the better! This beautiful picture from Helt Enkelt blog shows a great variety. Want, want, want!!!

Hey, that was it. Time to wish you a very happy weekend and head to the kitchen to find some dinner.

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