Friday, 15 November 2013

This week I love... challenges. I guess it's good that I love them as there's plenty coming my way. I will tell you more about them as I find out more myself. Ha hah! I'm so happy that it's finally the weekend. It's been a really loooong and busy week at work so I'm looking forward to some relaxing and sleep. There'll be some shopping too so I think it'll be a really nice weekend.

Time to check out this week's favourites now...

1. I ♥ these cards
I know we're still quite far from Christmas but the time for sending out Christmas cards is approaching and these ones are gorgeous. I make my own but I would love to use these in decorating. You can find these and a lot of other gorgeous stuff from If you haven't already checked it out, make it this weekend's must! It's full of incredible things like this...

2. I ♥ cosy corners
I wish I had more space in the house. If I did, I would definitely get a big armchair and put it in a corner with some cushions, a blanket and a gorgeous light. The perfect cosy corner for relaxing, reading or maybe blogging. I chose some pictures from my Lounge/Living Room board in Pinterest.

3. I ♥ this flat
It's small but sooo cute. Yes, the space could've been used more wisely... that kitchen is just too big for a flat like that, I think. But what a gorgeous kitchen it is?! The living room is great too. Simple furniture is spiced up with fab textiles. And that bed is just so inviting. I want to go and take a nap there. Zzz... You can find this flat and the rest of the pictures on Alvhem's website, click here.

4. I ♥ DIY
I'm helping my friend decorate a kids room and a nursery and this super cute DIY idea would be perfect for her little boy's room. The colour scheme is black, white, grey and yellow so I think I'd spray paint the animals with yellow but other than that I wouldn't change a thing.

This kids' coat rack is easy to make. And purse friendly. Buy plastic animals, saw them in half and spray with your chosen colour. Then attach to a piece of wood - it can be a brand new and white shelf or how about an old recycled plank. I think I'd choose the old one. Of course. Ha hah! You can attach the animals by drilling screws onto the plank from the back to the front and screw the animals on. Sounds easy... When will you try it?!

5. I ♥ Chanel
What an incredible new nail polish shade from Chanel. The rich dark burgundy, Malice, is perfect for the festive season and looks absolutely beautiful. It will look great all through the autumn season though so it's actually quite versatile. It works well on its own but to really make it party ready how about adding some nail stickers or a glitter nail polish on top?! Burgundy and gold are best friends and look really fab together. So, hurry down to the shop and get yourself some perfect polish.

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