Friday, 5 July 2013

This week I love...

... the quiet! Being at the summer cottage is so nice. You're next to a lake, the surroundings are green and leafy and best of all, it's so nice and quiet. No planes, cars, ambulance etc. Just the sound of the birds. And sometimes the neighbour's annoying dog yapping away. Ha hah! Well, there had to be something, right?!

This week has been very relaxed. We've been at the summer cottage a lot but next week there'll be more travelling as well as a 30th b-day party for S. Yes, lucky thing is getting two parties as we had one in the capital that most of my relatives couldn't come to so now we're having another one here. And I get to see my cousin's new baby girl. Can't wait...

Hey, let's get started on this week's favourites...

1. I ♥ this tent
This tent in the middle of the garden looks like the most amazing place. Imagine what it would be like to lie in there with a good book or in my case a stack of interior magazines. The air would be warm with a lovely breeze keeping you cool. I'm sure they'd have some lovely drink in there too. Ha hah! I think I have to start looking for a place for this around here...

2. I ♥ my stairs
I have a little potted garden going on the stairs of my cottage. I've got tomatoes, herbs and pelargonia. The stairs are really wide so I have the pots on the other side and some peas growing on the other side. The tomatoes taste soooo sweet! That's the magic of growing your own...

3. I Ellos wallpapers
I keep seeing Ellos' wallpapers pop up in blogs but I never give them enough thought to actually get to the stage where I'd order some. I've found some beauties that might convince me to put in that order. Have you found wallpaper from there?! 

Picture from Ellos

Picture from Ellos

Picture from Ellos
4. I summer nights
This is Finland at its best. These photos were taken around 10pm last night. The sky was simply stunning. Like it was on fire. Breathtaking!! And can I just mention that these pictures have not been re-touched at all. I've done nothing and look at the sky. Wow!!!

5. I details
I thought I'd show you a couple of smaller details from the cottage. I've used blue as an accent colour and then added natural colours and elements to add to the feeling. It feels very calm, close to the nature and just really relaxing and soothing. I got the bird from my aunt last summer, the pictures are from Ikea's Sy book and the bottles have branches from an apple tree we saw when we were picking flowers yesterday. 

That's it for this week. Looking forward to some travelling next week and seeing my family and friends. Hope that you'll have a fab weekend!!! And for those of you who started your holidays - ENJOY!!

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