Friday, 19 July 2013

This week I love...

... the weekend. Ha hah! First week back at work... I survived it!!! *phew* I'll be relaxing this weekend at home as the weather is a bit unpredictable so I don't want to go to the summer cottage. I have planned to clean the house - top to bottom and do a bit of a clear out at the same time. I'm actually quite excited about it. I know, crazy, who gets excited about cleaning?! Well, my OCD personality loves it.

Let's forget about cleaning now and have a look at this week's favourites...

1. I Zoco Home
I saw this new shop mentioned in MRS JONES blog and immediately fell for it. Zoco Home is run by a Finnish woman who fell in love with Morocco on her travels and now has a shop full of Moroccan inspired and gorgeous things!!! I especially love the pouffes. I've been wanting one for a while and I can't wait for their web shop to open. September can't come too soon. Make sure to check out their Facebook page too where you can vote for your favourite pouffe and then win it. I love the brown one... okay and the white one... and the metallic one. In fact I like them all. Which one is your favourite?!

2. I this summery cottage
This baby blue cottage is just so cute and very summery! I love the wood, the textiles and the atmosphere. I particularly like the kitchen with that gorgeous wooden sofa! Oh, and the vases in different shades of blue. It seems I love everything about it!! Well, have a look yourself! I'm sure you'll love it too. All photos by Martin Sølyst via

3. I LC's look
This look is just so cute. Lauren always looks beautiful and this girly look is no exception. The pink cheeks and lips are perfectly matched with the black liquid liner. And that pink bow in her hair - cute as a button. What a gorgeous look for all of this summer's parties, right?! 

4. I Bloomingville A/W13
Gorgeous greys, lots of texture and is is possible that gold is the new copper?! Check out these pictures from Bloomingville's autumn collection. I really love both of those chairs around the dining table. Amazing!! All pictures courtesy of Bloomingville.

5. I DIY
How cool is this pink ombre wall?! Now, all I need is some wooden wall and lots of pink paint. Ha hah! Oh and imagine how beautiful this would be in a nursery. Couple of my friends and relatives have either had or are about to have babies so I guess I need to pass on this tip on to them too.  

That's this week's favourites all done and dusted. Time to go and watch the latest episode of True Blood. Yay!! Enjoy your weekend!!! 

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