Friday, 12 July 2013

This week I love...

...lazy days, beautiful interiors, sunshine, good food and everything else that a good holiday is made of. Unfortunately, my holiday is coming to an end. Only two more days. *boooooooo* Luckily I have one more week coming in August. And a trip to Sweden to look forward to. Yay!!!

This week I've been to an antique fair, Hanko, Tammisaari and Turku. What a fab week!!! Shall we have a look at what awesome things I've found this week...

1. I ♥ being on holiday
And I'm not the only one. A lot of Finnish people have their holidays right now. Oh and not just people but cats too. You can see that my mum's cat has definitely found her holiday vibe. I think I'll try to follow that for the last couple of days...

2. I this blog
I saw pictures of her house in my scandinavian home blog and straight away I wanted to have a look at her blog. And it's fab!!! Plateful of love is written by a mum of one from Helsinki and she has great taste. I love the simplicity. It really makes me want to clear up at my own home. Which is probably what I'll do as soon as I get home. Ha hah!

3. I ♥ plants
I'm crazy about plants at the moment. Now that I have my new plant table I really want to buy some more plants. And the ones that I really want... a succulent and a cactus. My Pinterest folder for flowers has been filling with plants and I can't wait to get some more, more, more! Something like these beauties.

4. I ♥ this paint job
I think that something like this would look really nice in my hallway. It would be quite easy to do and I could use for example different shades of grey to make it more suitable for our home. This might be a nice little weekend project for me. Perhaps next weekend?!

5. I Beyonce
And doesn't she look amazing in these new shots from Flaunt magazine?! She looks flawless and I love the African influence. Wow!

And that's it for this week. Hope that you have a fabulous weekend!!! 

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