Friday, 26 July 2013

This week I love...

...Pinterest! I know... I love it all the time but this week I've been loving it even more. I have over 700 followers. A fact I'm very proud of. Ha hah!! I've found so many fab things. This week's favourites are all picked from Pinterest. Want to see what I've been pinning this week?! Let's see...

1. I DIY
You know by now that I'm a huge fan of DIY and Pinterest is full of great ideas, tips and techniques. I was soooo excited when I found these instructions. I have been dying to try to make these mason jar lights and now I finally can as it's actually not at all difficult. YAY! All you need are some glass jars, a nail and a hammer or a tool to cut the lid with and then your ready to get cracking. 

Measure the size of the light socket and mark it onto the lid. Make sure it's exactly the right size as I don't see any attachment in this other than the right size slot where the socket fits into. Then make a hole - you can use a variety of techniques for this but I guess the one that most of us can do is the good old nail and hammer. After you have a hole pull the socket through the lid. Then you can spray paint the socket and the lid gold, black or whatever other colour you want. Now it's time to screw the jar back onto the lid and hey presto, a beautiful jar light is ready. I will sooooo try this. Maybe as soon as this weekend.

2. IBarry M 
British cosmetics brand Barry M has long been a favourite of mine. I remember when I still lived in London, I would always buy my nail polishes from them as they had the best selection of colours on the market! Now it has come up with something that I really, really need. A nail art pen. It looks like a marker but has a really fine tip - perfect for making even the most intricate patterns. Perfect for someone like me. I love doing my nails but I'm not very skilled at it. I found this gorgeous nail design on Pinterest and the pen could make it possible for even me to succeed... You can order it on Asos, just click here.

3. Idreaming about my someday home
And my someday home will definitely have a gorgeous terrace at the back. The summer is a b***h if you don't have outside space in your home so I spend a lot of time dreaming about it. In my dreams I have a big patio, space for eating and entertaining and of course for tanning. Beautiful garden furniture and fabulous plants. These are the kind of spaces I dream of... And the last picture is probably what I'll end up with in real life. Ha hah!!!

4. Ifonts
I love downloading new fonts onto my computer. I particularly like to use them when I make cards and this latest find is perfect for vintage style cards. Instead of letters it has old stamps and markings. AMAZING!! If you do any crafts, download it now. You can find it here.

5. I inspiration
And Pinterest is full of it. Have you got kids?! I don't. I'm hoping that I do one day so I have a board full of inspiring nurseries. As well as inspiring kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and home offices. I love looking at the pictures, getting new ideas and thinking about what would look good in our own home. If you're in need of some inspiration, you can find my boards here

Here are a couple of gorgeous nurseries from my vast collection. One with geometrics and bright colours, one with a giraffe theme and one that is a classic. Do you have a favourite?!

That was it for this week. A week of Pinterest. :) Enjoy your weekend!!!

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